Digital Signage Solutions

Captivate your customers with SCS’s wide range of high impact, quality public display LCD / LED screens and powerful digital signage solutions. SCS offers an array of solutions ideal for retail, education, hospitality, banking, corporate, government, healthcare, transport, entertainment venues, and leisure.

What is Digital Signage?

Information and communication have become an integral part of our modern society. From all sides a large amount of information reaches us through various media. Therefore it’s important to provide people at the right moment with the right, targeted information. This is exactly what digital signage is about.

Digital signage is the generic term for displaying information to a targeted audience, at a selected location and moment using digital screens. This information can be different per display and per moment.

Some examples of digital signage are welcoming screens in reception areas, screens for dynamic guidance in buildings or advertising screens in shops. Also screens showing timetable information at airports and train stations are a form of digital signage.

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Digital Signage Software

To control and manage the digital screens, digital signage software is used. The quality and features of the chosen software mainly determine the capabilities of your digital signage system. PADS software offers native data integration and support for interactivity as standard features. Editing content is easy to manage, without the need for extensive training. Templates can be uploaded simply in order to comply with corporate standards and graphic wishes. PADS uses the Windows Presentation Foundation: this means that programs running under the Windows platform can be used within the creation.

A Total Solution

SCS are partnered with some of the world’s leading providers of digital signage hardware and software. We have joined forces with Philips Large Format Displays, A-Open Europe, leading manufacturer of ultra-small form factor digital signage hardware solutions, and NDS (PADS) a renowned digital signage software solutions provider to enhance our strong position in the digital signage industry. Together SCS provide a TOTAL digital signage solution.

Installations vary per industry and customer demand, from simple standalone solutions to national or global, complex and often mission critical digital signage solutions. SCS together with our technology partners have un-rivalled knowledge and experience in these installations.

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