Information and communication have become an integral part of our modern society.
From all sides a large amount of information reaches us through various media all day every day. Therefore it’s important to provide people at the right moment with the right, targeted information. We’ve compiled a quick list of stats showing why digital signage is so important for your business.

1. Digital signs reduce the perception of wait time

Waiting in a queue can be the most laborious part of a shopping trip. A well-placed digital signage showing dynamic content or a live feed can help to relieve customers of their boredom. A recent study found that there was up to a 40% decrease in perceived wait time when digital signs were visible from the queuing area.

2. It makes people want to learn more

Thanks to precision targeting of customers and memorable dynamic content, 59% of people who came into contact with digital signage in multiple locations later wanted to learn more about the advertised topic.

3. Content is fresh and relevant

Need something up right away? Easy. Urgently need content removed? Done. Content changes have never been faster with digital signage, allowing you to keep your content fresh, relevant and interesting. Engage in real-time with digital signage that reacts to weather temperature, time or day, or even gender.

Digital content doesn’t just capture interest, it maintains interest too. A study by RSG for Intel suggests that public interest in a static poster drops soon after it is changed; however digital content was found to sustain interest for much longer, giving dynamic animated content a longer shelf life than traditional signage.


Lady shopping with digital signage nearby

4. Dwell time is increased

Browsing time is everything. Get your customers in your store and keep them there. A study by InfoTrends found that the presence of digital signage solutions in stores encouraged customers to spend up to 30 percent more time browsing.

5. Digital Signage drives sales

A Neilson study found that DOOH does increase the revenue at the point of sale. Four out of five product brands experienced significant increases of up to 33% in additional sales through the use of DOOH media compared to other POS media. Another study found that of small business owners who installed LED signs, nearly 83% noticed an increase in sales after installation.

6. Your ad is remembered

A study by Arbitron saw that viewers are not just exposed to digital signage, they actually engage. 47% of people surveyed remembered seeing a certain ad on the screen, and nearly 1 in 5 of those people went on to make an impulse as a direct result of the advertisement. A study that looked at specific ad campaigns on digital billboards found that people who had passed the billboards could remember specific ads from those campaigns up to 89% of the time.

Another study found that Digital Signage has a 52% recall rate with customers, far higher than any other type of advertising media including TV, radio, magazines, online banners, social media, and traditional OOH billboards – they have a recall rate of only 30%.

A final word on Digital Signage

Thanks to fast technical development and competition in the market, digital signage is more effective and affordable than ever. The wide range of screens, players and content management systems ensure that there is a solution to fit every budget. We find that many businesses are turning to digital signage as a way to cut down costs of advertising via traditional printed posters. Poster printing costs soon add up over the course of a year as seasonal campaign changes take effect whereas digital signs allow for unlimited updates per year with minimal fuss and cost. Digital signage also relieves the stress of ensuring that every location across the estate has the latest promotions and content, ensuring brand consistency and a good customer experience.

At SCS we have 20+ years of experience in managing, installing and maintaining digital signage systems. Our content creation team can design bespoke animation especially for you brand, so you don’t need to worry about lack of content. We have dedicated field service teams working 7 days a week to keep your digital signage at its best. Email us or call us now on 0800 3777 485 to speak to our team and arrange a visit.


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