Covid-19 Solutions

Working with you to stay safe, comply to the new normalities and prevent the spread of viruses.

In response to the global COVID-19 crisis and these unprecedented times, the way in which we work and socialise is about to change forever.

SCS Technologies has reacted quickly to equip our new and existing customers with the essential tools to deliver effective digital signage and meet your safety obligations. Helping businesses to prevent COVID-19 from spreading by following HSE, NHS and WHO guidelines.

Protecting your staff and customers is the responsibility of every employer. By installing new technology measures employers and customers can play their important part in stopping the spread of infection and improving hygiene. Society has changed since the Covid-19 pandemic and new measures are being taken to enable us to carry out our normal life and co-working as safely as possible in our social distancing society.

Our Non-Touch Solutions

Digital Display Announcements

Hand Sanitiser Kiosk Display

Social Distancing Management

Thermometer Camera Display

Touchless Menu Solution

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