Device & Content Casting

Simple, reliable device connectivity through NevayaCast and NevayaOne

Did you know 64% of hotel guests would prefer to cast content from their own device than watch on-demand movies on the guest room TV?* Increase your guest satisfaction with NevayaCast and NevayaOne for hotels:

Delight your guests by enabling them to stream their own content within the comfort of their own room. NevayaCast is powered by Google Chromecast and is globally approved by Google.

No dongle? No problem. NevayaOne allows streaming without additional hardware: no need to install in-room hardware or replace hospitality smart TVs.


  • Easy connection between guest’s device and tv.
  • Guests cast content from their own accounts.
  • Custom in-room TV interface.
  • No personal data left behind on guest checkout.
  • The Nevaya Portal enables visibility of the trends of your guests.
  • Intuitive guest experience
  • Reliable & easy to manage.
  • Generate revenue through guest satisfaction.
  • Gain valuable insights & data.
  • The Nevaya Portal enables visibility of the trends of your guests

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*Source: ADB InRoom Entertainment Preference Study 2016

Enhance your guests’ experience with NevayaCast for Hotels

NevayaCast, powered by Google Chromecast and approved by Google in February 2022, has been specifically designed to provide all the benefits of media-streaming entertainment, in a complete solution. Unlike other hospitality casting solutions, Nevaya has no on-site server or PC as our platform is delivered directly from the Cloud. This advanced Software as a Service technology ensures a more reliable and secure service for guests.
Complete reassurance for your business.

With NevayaCast guests only ever access the Chromecast device specifically connected in their bedroom. Hoteliers can feel reassured that there is no risk of a hotel guest viewing devices from any surrounding rooms, casting to any surrounding rooms, or accessing any of the Chromecast settings.
Intuitive guest experience.

Guests can easily and effortlessly cast content to their big in-room TV screen. Casting the guest’s Apple or Android device is as simple as just connecting to the hotel WiFi and scanning a QR code on the TV.
Create unique and seamless guest digital journeys, such as automatically pairing a guest’s mobile for secure streaming and TV control as they connect to hotel WiFi.

Uninterrupted home experience

Guests never have to feel the frustration of a break in their box-set viewing or struggle to view their favourite entertainment on the small screen of their device.

Watch what you want

Guests can open the apps they already know without the need to remember login details or download content.

No hidden surprises

Free and easy for guests to use, eliminating any unwelcome surprises of extra charges, and making it user-friendly for all.

Simple and easy to install

Integrates with the existing hotel network, with the Chromecast plugging into the room television.

Generate revenue with valuable data

NevayaCast offers hoteliers a wealth of valuable insights into the behaviour and preferences of their guests.
Advanced analytics allows operators to see real-time guest channel viewing trends versus content guests are streaming to the TV – often reducing the cost of premium channel subscriptions that are rarely accessed.

Deliver TV and Cast in one with NevayaOne

Building on the market-leading functionality delivered by NevayaCast and NevayaTV, NevayaOne combines all of Nevaya’s expertise in hospitality cloud solutions.

NevayaOne has been designed to dramatically simplify what is often a complex configuration of dongles, set-top boxes and connectivity. Compatibility becomes almost universal and ongoing maintenance burdens are minimised.

Deliver a branded Guest User Interface to showcase your Hotel Directory, and get your guests connected with Cast with this clever all-in-one solution.

See how easy it is for guests to connect their devices and play their own content to the room.

Key Features

  • Providing the ability for a guest to effortlessly cast their favourite apps such as Netflix, Disney+, YouTube and hundreds more from your Apple or Android device to the TV.
  • A fully interactive TV platform, with user interfaces expertly designed to match your corporate branding/design guidelines.
  • Cloud management portal for monitoring and managing your TV estate globally.
  • Create intuitive and frictionless guest experiences via the NevayaAPI.
  • Understand guest behaviour via the NevayaOne analytics portal, real time.
  • NevayaOne is delivered from the Nevaya Cloud so, deployment is simple and fast.
  • By removing the need for hardware in each room, potential points of failure are removed.
  • After initial set up, NevayaOne is a pure operational expenditure

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