Corporate Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage delivers!

Digital Signage is becoming commonplace in the corporate world as a means to communicate to both internal and external staff as well as visitors and customers. Staff-facing screens can inform about call statistics in a call centre, sales targets in a business or provide relevant news information on the trading floor of a bank.

Research shows that digital signage is far more effective at delivering memorable information, when compared to newsletters, email, intranets or bulletin boards. Digital displays show information which is up-to-date, interesting and available for everyone. People expect information to be real-time and digital corporate communication provides you with the power to do this.

Examples of Digital Signage for Corporate

  • Announcements & Instructions
  • Meeting & Class Schedules
  • Emergency information
  • Community Development
  • Restaurant / Canteen Menus
  • Feedback Mechanism
  • Training

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