Digital Signage Solutions Entertainment Venues

Compelling programming will engage an audience. Box office, concert halls, or sporting venues can easily manage digital signage networks large or small using our unique digital signage solution

Video, news, weather, sports stats, and show times can all be displayed for public viewing via a digital media display.

Digital Signage is designed to entertain, educate and inform the public. Special events can be previewed, and timetables can be published. Venues, wishing to give entertaining content via LCD/LED televisions, can also implement touch screen interactivity. Our Flash-based interface allows for fully functional interactive touch screen directory application for use in interactive maps, games, surveys or even online browsing. Time sensitive and critical information can be displayed immediately to a desired audience, allowing for a more measurable ROI and increased effectiveness. Way finding and alarm features represent an integral aspect of Digital Signage in theatres, cinemas and concert halls.

Examples of Digital Signage for Entertainment Venues

  • Attract customers
  • Way finding
  • Environment
  • Merchandise
  • Point-of-Sale

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