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There are numerous applications for Digital Signage in hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, clinics, dentists and other specialised health practitioners

Digital signage can enable healthcare providers to interact with and communicate key information to various stakeholders, and at the same time entertain, for example with live TV, news and health information. Digital signage will improve communication within the healthcare system and consequently the experience of patients.

Digital Signage encourages patients to practice proper health prevention and have regular exams. Dynamic digital signage can be used to promote in-house education and even advertisement for procedure up-sell and product promotion. In addition, staff-facing digital displays can act as a training tool for internal employee education and information. A centrally managed screen network, whether in waiting rooms or staff offices, offers a unique way to reduce medical clinics’ information costs and disseminate vital information real-time.

Examples of Digital Signage for Healthcare

  • Education
  • Improved staff productivity
  • Better patient health
  • Earlier patient awareness of health problems
  • Entertainment (reduces perceived wait times)
  • In surgery waiting rooms
  • Private TV Networks in patient rooms
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Way-finding
  • Patient registration
  • Waiting time by patient (reduce questions to staff)
  • Urgent health information

Healthcare providers such as doctors, hospitals, dentists and nursing homes are quickly discovering that digital signage can revolutionise the way they communicate with their patients and staff. The advantages are clear: digital signage is visually dynamic, engaging and flexible.

Digital signage is a relatively new technology, and the health sector is still learning how it can best be put to use in their communications strategies. The companies and organisations that move first will be the ones at the cutting edge. The healthcare industry is only now discovering the many benefits digital signage has to offer.

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