Digital Signage Solutions for Retail

When people think of Digital Signage it is probably when they encounter it in the Retail environment

Digital signage at the point-of-purchase (POP) has been proven to effectively drive sales by displaying relevant and readily available product information. Similarly, retail digital signage can also be used as an effective way-finding and crowd-control device. Because the point-of-purchase is often the point-of-decision, digital signage also acts as sales guiding tool, bridging the gap between retail browsers and retail buyers.

The development of in-store digital displays and content strategies can lead to greater sales and an increase in profit. Information – Keep customers informed at various touch points throughout the store, you may also be able to use this space via 3rd parties to sponsor.

Promotions – Maximise sales at various times of the day or with various promotion tailored to your customer’s needs, all in real time.

Always up-to-date – Digital menu boards e.g. for in house bakeries post menus offers or have news flash when products are fresh from the oven.

Additionally, retail digital signage can be used to inform staff on customer information and product benefits, keeping them current on company offerings.

Examples of Digital Signage for Retail

Attract customers

  • Way-finding
  • Environment
  • Merchandise
  • Point-of-Sale

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