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Digital signage delivers!

Airports, train stations and public transportation are increasingly exploiting digital signage to inform and entertain customers, as well as capitalise on what is effectively a captive audience. For example in an airport, digital signage can be used for informing and way-finding, as well as to entertain and promote while customers wait for a plane.

Screens can show real-time information on trip delays, weather, news and sports coverage, stock market updates, and other information that passengers might want. Displays can help reduce the workload for staff in some cases, since fewer passengers are asking them questions. Managers looking for a way to mitigate training and messaging costs can do so effectively by quick content delivery to remote sites, eliminating the need for printed signage.

Whether it’s used for on-board communications, in waiting rooms, or as a message board in hubs and terminals, digital signage reaches audiences looking for pertinent information. Bus stations, train stations, airport terminals, automotive dealerships, and company offices can benefit from dynamic content delivery to multiple sites, done seamlessly from a single location.

Digital signage delivers!

Examples of Digital Signage for Transport

  • Queue management
  • Promotion
  • Way-finding
  • Entertain
  • Terminal / Baggage claim / Car Rental signage
  • Flight arrival and departure information
  • Local Information point e.g. Hotels, taxis, convention details, points of interest
  • Retail and catering location identifier

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