LED Screens

Unleash vibrant and dynamic content with versatile LED screens.

LED displays are a versatile and popular addition to SCS’s range of digital signage offerings. Whilst traditional LCD LFD video walls offer a great signage platform, LED screens allow your signage to stand out no matter the size, shape or resolution required.

LED displays provide an increased level of flexibility and aesthetics, which in turn help deliver the customer’s advertising marketing message with a greater impact. Individual panels can be arranged in a variety of designs, offering unique eye-catching content opportunities. Combining an LED video wall with Content Creation & Management, SCS Technologies can provide an all-encompassing professional and dynamic solution.

Some of the benefits of implementing LED screens, in comparison to an LCD LFD video wall for example, are as follows:

  • Uses an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels, which delivers a high resolution digital display suitable for multiple environments;
  • Fully customisable, and can be made in a wide variety of sizes and shapes;
  • LED displays do not have bezels, so the display will be edge-to-edge as well as seamless;
  • The pitch of an LED video wall can be fully customisable, depending on the customer requirements. Pitch is described as the distance between the individual pixels on the LED video wall, and corresponds to the required viewing distance in metres. For example, a P3 screen would be suitable for viewing distances from 3 metres upwards;
  • Can be built with a variety of brightness levels, depending on whether the unit will be situated indoors or outdoors;
  • LED display boards provide a greater level of colour brightness contrast stability, as well as an impressive and consistent image quality, which is attributed to each panel being driven from a central video wall controller.

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We have a specialised content team ready to design and create your Guest User Interface. From sourcing stock imagery to creating animated welcome pages, we’ve got you covered.

SCS provide the comprehensive service you need to create your content, helping you choose the right look and feel for your business and making sure that all your content is up-loaded ready for the installation. We can even provide you with a comprehensive support contract that includes regular updating of information, changes to content and remote access support for complete piece of mind.

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