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Bring your menus to life with digital boards & vibrant content.

Digital Menu Boards are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional static menus. Ensure your menus are up to date and eye-catching by upgrading to a digital solution.

Removing the element of traditional printed signage, and replacing with a Digital Menu Board solution, has many advantages. Content Management Systems enable rapid updates and organisation of assets, including scheduling in advance. Upgrading to digital also allows multiple types of media to be displayed, from the traditional full-list menu to vibrant, animated content showcasing deals, offers and upcoming events.

Alongside convenience and aesthetic, digital menu boards create a significant reduction in carbon footprint and waste output. By upgrading to a digital solution you reduce the impact on the planet’s natural paper resources, as well as reducing the amount of waste that is disposed once a particular advertising / product promotion becomes obsolete.

Combining a Digital Menu Board solution with Content Creation & Management, SCS can provide an all-encompassing professional and dynamic solution.

Some additional benefits of implementing a Digital Menu Board solution, as opposed to a traditional printed equivalent, are as follows:

  • Digital boards can be scheduled to target specific meal times, changing content depending on the time of day (breakfast menu, lunch menu, Early Bird offers etc);
  • Days of the week can be scheduled too, perfect for advertising Sunday lunch or Saturday specials.
  • Should products become unavailable during the day, a digital board has the ability to be updated rapidly, removing the item and replacing if necessary.
  • Digital Menu Boards can be updated if any ad-hoc promotions are requested, and can also be removed if any particular promotions do not have the desired effect;
  • Branding can be amended where appropriate (artist name at concert venues, team names and crests at sporting events etc);
  • Content is organised, scheduled, managed and deployed rapidly all within one system by a single person or a whole team, ensuring a streamline and efficient process.

SCS Technologies has the experience and credentials to provide you with a bespoke solution for your digital menu boards. We take care of all aspects of your digital signage from technical specification to content creation, installation to technical support.

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