Touchless Menu Solution

Safety at your fingertips

An affordable, touchless menu solution designed to help restaurants get their businesses up and running. Eliminate the risk of touching and sharing menus by inviting customers to scan a QR code and view the menu on their phone. No installed app or internet connection is required, and the display is optional.

  • Eliminate the risk of sharing menus by replacing printed menus
  • Deliver your menu to hundreds of phones at once with a simple scan of a QR code
  • Simple viewing or make the phone your digital sign with an engaging interactive menu
  • Option to link to online coupons and loyalty programs using the phone’s cell service
  • Runs on a single media player with an installed wireless module
  • Does NOT require an internet connection, an app or even a display
  • Deploys easily to new and existing installations to get businesses running quickly


How it works

1. Scan the QR code and link your phone
2. Safely view the menu from your phone

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