Entertainment Venues

Entertainment Venues

Extend the action from the field or meeting hall to everywhere in your facility with an IPTV solution

There’s no need for the expense of a separate, hard-to-maintain analogue cabling system: TV and video channels can be delivered wherever there’s a network connection, to personal computers, standard TVs, digital AV projectors, interactive whiteboards, digital signage, or any other video display device. You can add channels, displays and users virtually without limit, with no impact on picture quality.

  • Deliver live camera coverage of events to concession areas;
  • Create a personalised TV and video experience for guests in hospitality suites;
  • Provide visitor information, concession advertising, announcements of scheduled events, and emergency information via digital signage;
  • Advertise future events for increased ticket sales;
  • Support kiosks for self-service ticket sales;
  • Easily accommodate meeting room overflow with live video;
  • Record meetings for later distribution or sale.

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