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Focus on Customer Service with Guest User Interfaces

Hotel TVs have the potential to be your greatest asset in driving guest satisfaction, brand loyalty, and revenue generation. SCS are able to offer you a choice of cost effective platforms to transform traditional hotel TV’s into a user friendly interactive interface and create a strong branding presence.

This can all be accomplished through an IP-based infrastructure without additional STB’s and maintenance costs or save resources by using the existing coax cabling infrastructure.

Provide your guests with useful hotel information by using customisable widgets, hoteliers can display useful information such as room service, restaurant and spa menus. Guests can have access to local information, such as traffic, maps and tourist attractions. Multiple languages are also supported.

With the popularity of social media, gaming and other Internet applications, hospitality venues must take advantage of this trend to attract and delight their guests.

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Weather information: Weather information can be provided free of charge from third-party service providers of the hotel’s choice. Weather reports are automatically updated, providing guest with the latest information for planning outdoor activities.

Timely flight information: Hotels can show on-screen airport flight information via a separate purchasing license key from third-party service providers. Availability of up-to-date flight information is a great benefit to guests who want to coordinate their checkout time with their flight departure.

Convenient messaging services: Hotels can provide real-time messages for a guest or a group based on guest information.

Apps: Provide a gateway to a variety of web-based apps, delighting guests with the same interactive entertainment that they experience on their personal devices, such as social networking sites (SNS), through the venue’s IP network. Enables use of Internet apps in the same way they would be used on other devices.

Hotel Services: Provides guests with information on a variety of hotel services through their remote control, including business services and Wi-Fi information.

Electronic Concierge: Guests can have 24-hour access to an electronic concierge in their own language so they do not have to go to the reception concierge to ask questions about the hotel or local information.

Room Charges and Checkout: Bill verification is easier than ever before since guests have access to their bill statements through the TV. (requires 3rd party interface with hotel PMS system)    

Entertainment: Guests can learn about activities, hotel amenities, games, night clubs, restaurants, bars and more.

News on Demand: Guests can check current news, market summaries, investments and world finance stats, the day’s headlines, and sports news.

Advertising: Enable improved guest special offer and service awareness, create promotional opportunities. Guests can also view advertisements from local restaurants, local attractions and local merchants – such as taxi companies.


Not only do these solutions save money on printing in-room collateral they empower the guest by allowing access to a variety of services via their TV it also takes the strain from hotel reception staff, helping ensure they can focus on customer service for those requiring it the most.

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Manage your brand with consistency across multiple properties via a branded digital guest directory, advertisements and many additional features on your in-room guest TVs.

Philips CMND & MediaSuite

Create memorable guest experiences with CMND and MediaSuite.

Samsung Reach

REACH is designed exclusively for hospitality businesses to help create a more cost-efficient room display management.

No content? No worries.

We have a specialised content team ready to design and create your Guest User Interface. From sourcing stock imagery to creating animated welcome pages, we’ve got you covered.

SCS provide the comprehensive service you need to create your content, helping you choose the right look and feel for your business and making sure that all your content is up-loaded ready for the installation. We can even provide you with a comprehensive support contract that includes regular updating of information, changes to content and remote access support for complete piece of mind.

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