Traditional TV systems can’t compete with the quality and simplicity of an IPTV solution

Unlike traditional systems, SCS can supply an unlimited number of high-definition channels with picture quality equal or better than the home experience to as many patients as you please. There’s no need for the expense of a separate, hard-to-maintain analogue cabling system: you can run one network to deliver all the services patients now expect: TV and video, phone, and Internet access. Best of all, it’s easy to create bespoke services that give patients interactive access to medical information and help personnel to stretch limited resources while maintaining quality care.

  • Deliver Freeview and satellite TV to patient rooms and common areas, as well as premium channels;
  • Supply patient and visitor information and announcements of scheduled events in lobby and other public areas with digital signage;
  • Give patients the ability to order additional services (e.g., personalised menus, therapeutic massage) right from their room TV;
  • Record and archive medical procedures for training and litigation protection;
  • Integrate video patient monitoring with staff personal computers for increased coverage and responsiveness;
  • Time-shift news and sports of interest to foreign patients for access at a convenient time.

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