Meeting Room AV

Transform your meeting room into a modern and efficient space with Meeting Room AV.

To keep participants informed and engaged, today’s meeting rooms require easy-to-adopt technologies that are more versatile than traditional projectors they’ve long relied upon.

SCS Technologies are a full service provider and will guide you through the whole process, with our consultative approach advising you on the advantages of the different systems, to installation. Our maintenance team can then supply ongoing support, to ensure your users always have the streamlined tools they need to help them seamlessly present, collaborate and share ideas.

Kramer VIA GO

Make meeting setups simple and speedy with VIA GO. This system allows wireless collaboration from a user’s own device. The VIA PAD is a plug-and-present device, allowing screen sharing to start and stop with a simple tap.

Samsung e-Boards

The Samsung e-Board meeting room displays make meeting engagement even more convenient and easy to manage. The all-in-one Samsung display operates without external PCs, devices or remote controls.

Samsung Flip

The Samsung Flip is an interactive display designed to enhance collaboration and allow users to create and share ideas. The screen includes creative tools for drawing and notation, alongside sync capability and real-time editing.

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