Present and engage with eBoards

e-Board meeting room displays make meeting engagement even more convenient and easy to manage. Leaders and participants can achieve faster on-screen writing speeds through the display’s capacitive touch technology. The all-in-one display operates without external PCs, devices, or remote controls.

User-friendly interactivity

Regardless of the setting, users can simply walk in, turn on and get started on time and with full audience attention. An asset for any corporate meeting, our displays transform meetings and presentations into superior collaborative environments with less operational burden.

Through a refined touch overlay and a user-friendly design, our display fosters a comfortable and easy to navigate digital writing experience. The display’s integrated capacitive touch functionality improves on-screen writing speed and clarity while still maintaining the familiar feel of pen-and-paper notation ensuring continuous, uninterrupted communication in any environment.

  • Integrated flip chart functionality;
  • Wireless content sharing;
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office, websites and other online applications;
  • Plug & Play;
  • Laptop syncing through HDMI and USB OUT ports;
  • Perfect for video or web conferencing.


  • Ready-to-use
  • Interactive whiteboard style design
  • Allows users to share via their own laptops

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