Service Level Agreements

Why do I need a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

The complexity of a modern-day hotel TV system can cause occasional and unexpected issues.

The technology and systems behind modern hotel TV systems have become a complex and critical component of a technology vendor contract to a hotel business.

In the hospitality industry, a guest bedroom TV not working presents a loss-making situation, as the room cannot be sold. Service Level Agreements are critical to minimising a hotel room’s downtime.

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Have you ever thought about what can go wrong?

No in-room technology is guest proof or in some instances even staff proof. Guest misuse is the most common of issues experienced within hospitality, physical damage to the TV or guests interfering with the TV, everything from pulling out cables, changing HDMI or other input sources, or even staff swapping TV’s between rooms.

Infrastructure is critical – There are numerous points of failure: Aerial and Satellite setup, TV Distribution System Backbone Cabling, Headend Equipment, Contents of the communication cabinets connections to faceplates or damage to the faceplate. The integrity of most hotel TV systems relies heavily on stable internet or Wi-Fi connections, without it a hotel can be subjected to a myriad of issues.

Channel frequency changes – What happens if Freeview implement a channel frequency change? As a minimum, a hotel will need to retune every TV in the hotel, bespoke channel line-ups and channel categories will need additional configuration.

TV Manufacturer firmware updates – TV manufacturers will often release firmware updates that will add to the functionalities, but these can often have an impact on the performance of a third-party software system or a network infrastructure.


Do you want to give your hotel management teams peace of mind?

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) with SCS will set guidelines and protect your hotel with recourse for unfulfilled obligations and eliminate conflict from ambiguous or verbally agreed service obligations, whilst minimising and preventing issues that could lead to a hotel room being unsellable.

It will limit hotel room downtime by ensuring complete efficiency of your hotel TV system should things go wrong. By maintaining and extending your hotel TV’s system life expectancy with regular upgrading of firmware and software updates, which can often be implemented remotely, with no disruption to the hotel or guest experience, and protect against potential infrastructure conflicts caused buy third party technologies such as internet and Wi-Fi.

Provide your hotel with a telephone helpline and on-site engineering support (subject to SLA agreed). SCS can also provide remote access technical support (Subject to system compatibility).

SCS has a Service Level Agreement to suit you…

Our aftercare services provide complete peace of mind for our customers, leaving you safe in the knowledge that any system faults are dealt with rapidly, with the minimum of down time.

With our dedicated team of technical support and highly skilled system installation and maintenance engineers who are on hand 365 days a year for emergency breakdowns and routine maintenance. We are able to offer our customers critical support with 4 hour, 8 hour and 24 hour response times, we can also provide a 24/7/365 days a year, fully structured support as required, and this service is streamlined through the use of live vehicle tracking which enables our support desk to get the closest engineer to site in the shortest possible time.

Let SCS put together a bespoke Service Level Agreement (SLA) for your hotel which will clearly define:

  • Scope of services to be provided.
  • Responsibilities of SCS and you (the customer) responsibilities.
  • Agreed performance metrics and communication process.
  • Penalties for failure to meet or adhere to agreed measures.

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