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Is investing in technology to strengthen and future-proof your business a priority?

Holidays in the UK are already looking like they are going to be the vacation of choice as the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the travel and tourism sector for quite some time. UK holiday parks are very much seen as a “low risk SAFE option” for British tourists.

SCS – meeting guest expectations through technology…

Your guests are accustomed to controlling their world with their phones and they bring those high expectations along with them when they travel. Consumers embrace technologies that allow them to navigate their experiences with more control. They will expect that same level of connectivity and access, from pre-arrival through post check-out and everything in between. It’s an iron-law of hospitality that first impressions count.

Digital strategies and advances in technology will ultimately engage your guests, drive satisfaction, and streamline staff operations, allowing you to better engage and deliver real guest value.
The emphasis is now very much being placed on how leveraging technology can promote an overall increase in guest loyalty and revenue. There is an urgent need to be proactive in these unprecedented times, creating a desire for a repeat visit as well as driving automation, data collection, intelligent analytics, operational improvements, and agility.

Innovative, integrated guest-facing devices, and the infrastructure to support them, to deliver a standout experience while putting their guests in control. There are apps accessible through smartphones, digital signage displays, tablets and smart hospitality TV’s to maximise guest convenience no matter where they go on the site.

Increasing amounts of bandwidth and a big television with many different content options are still the Must Haves, with TV Sizes very much driven by the consumer TV market – As consumer demand for larger TV sizes continues to increase, so too do their expectations when travelling.


“The U.K. hospitality sector is growing increasingly digital”

The TV is rapidly emerging as the centre point of control while the guest is in their lodge or caravan, acting as a connection and driving point for all these devices. By surpassing what guests are used to at home, these technologies will enable you to cater directly to their guests’ high expectations for a customised travel experience.

As Things Stand… Connectivity and bandwidth remain the cause of huge issues, but ensuring guests aren’t frustrated by buffering and poor handoffs from one system to the next as they enjoy everything a site has to offer will continue to help improve the overall guest experience.

The U.K. hospitality sector is growing increasingly digital, so U.K. hospitality providers are seeking solutions that are software defined, scalable, reliable, secure, cloud based and omni channel.
Recognition is an easy win for a property, returning guests like to be recognised and remembered, first-time guests appreciate being addressed by name as part of the home-from-home experience.

SCS provide a wide range of technology solutions designed specifically for holiday parks, leisure parks, caravan parks, lodges and glamping sites and would be delighted to help consult and bring your site to the forefront of the advances in hospitality technology with imagination and creativity, together with our critical knowledge and understanding of what effect existing infrastructure can have on what it is that your site is looking to achieve, as well advances in technology, trends, systems and products.

Home from Home experience

Chromecast is driving the consumer experience at home, with over 70% of Millennials now expecting this feature when staying away from home. Guests know exactly how to use Casting and being given the ability to cast their own content (primarily Netflix) they will do so, meaning that you no longer need to look at enhancing their channel offering.

SCS Technologies - the dixon

Guests want to be able to display their own content on a TV – Casting is becoming the “MUST HAVE” solution with content such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, BT Sport, Disney+, Catchup TV and their own music library anytime they want to and with over 2500 Chromecast Apps that are now being supported, casting is very much seen as the future for hospitality by providing your guests with a secure casting option that will allow both Android and IOS device owners to cast their own content onto the TV, in a ‘fool-proof’ simple ONE-STEP process from the TV Guest User Interface, it gives them freedom to watch what they choose – when they choose. By using a hospitality casting solution, guests can continue to use all other features on their device (e-mail, messaging etc…) without having to disconnect from the Wi-Fi network to enable casting.

There is no downloading of 3rd party Apps and critically the guest will never have to in-put any of their personal data into the TV (A major issue for 90% of guests as there is a big fear factor that data will not be deleted).

Want to provide Branding, Site Information and Services to your guests?

Hospitality TVs have the potential to be your greatest asset in driving guest satisfaction, brand loyalty, and revenue generation. SCS are able to offer you a choice of cost-effective platforms to transform traditional TV’s into a user-friendly interactive interface and create a strong branding presence.

Provide your guests with useful site information, display useful information such as restaurant and leisure facilities. Give guests access to local information, such as traffic, maps and tourist attractions. Advertise – Enable improved guest special offer and service awareness, create promotional opportunities. Guests can also view advertisements from local restaurants, local attractions and local merchants – such as takeaways and taxi companies – Imagine the possibilities for revenue generation?

Not only do these solutions save money, they will eliminate the risk of touching and sharing printed in-room collateral it also takes the strain from site staff, helping ensure they can focus on customer service for those requiring it the most.

With a number of different Guest User Interface (GUI) Systems available SCS are able to provide a complete end-to-end service, supply, setup, template creation and content customisation, installation, test and commission. Content updates and management, remote access, and telephone support on each of the systems.

SCS can help you plan your future tech growth…

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