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Hotel TV Compared to Consumer TV

You may ask, why choose hotel TVs at all? Why not just use standard consumer sets instead?

The answer is easy: to give you a significant commercial advantage.

Reduced costs, increased income..
Through the various in-built energy-saving features, you can save many thousands of pounds in running costs over the lifetime of hotel TVs.

Time saved..

Hotel TV`s are specially designed to easily clone the settings from one TV to all others in your hotel, even remotely from any location. With standard TVs you can’t – each one has to be programmed individually, each time you need to reconfigure your channels. The difference in time and effort can be enormous.


Manufacturers have taken a number of measures to minimise potential problems. For example, built-in volume limitation so as not to disturb guests in adjoining rooms. Menu locking, which ensures that the settings you have programmed into the TV remain the way they should. More secure Smart TV avoiding disturbance from sharing features and allowing hotels to tailor and manage their own offering. And special remote controls which don’t allow guests to remove the batteries.


With hotel TVs it’s possible to display a welcoming message for guests in the room. You can also show a special start-up channel with relevant information about your hotel and the surrounding area through video or images and text. Plus on some higher specification models you can add a clock display.

Professional service..

SCS are here to support you whenever and wherever you may need TV repair services. SCS also have the widest choice available anywhere of dedicated hotel TVs. In addition, we can offer you a rental program.

Professional build..

Hotel TVs are built for professional usage and therefore use components of higher specification, this means that they comply with the most stringent of norms (MTBF), Consumer sets are not designed in this way and any consumer set used in a hotel voids the warranty.

Additional benefits include 

Basic hotel TV’s include the following features: 

  • Standard 2 year warranty (including free pick-up, repair and return-service);
  • Menu Lock(guest-proof the hotel TV settings);
  • Volume Restriction(prevent guest’s using excessive volume and disturbing your other guest’s);
  • Power-Up Channel(when the TV is switched on you can pre-programme a start-up channel).

Other Hotel TV features can include:

  • Easy Cloningof TV settings (save your settings on one TV and use to configure others);
  • Welcome Message(display a logo or picture and a standard message on power-up);
  • Integrated Clock / Alarm(allows your guests to set a wake-up call using the remote control);
  • Integrated Connectivity(enables external devices to connect to the hotel TV);
  • Bathroom speaker output;
  • Dedicated hotel remote controls;
  • Swivel stand (hotel TV’s are equipped with a flexible stand that provides a 20⁰, 60⁰ or 90⁰ swivel support that provides guests with an excellent view of the TV);
  • Security screws (prevent theft or guests from knocking the TV over by locking down the TV);
  • Smart TV(Access Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and countless other Apps all from the TV).

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