At SCS Technologies, we recognised the world and its needs have changed due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have reacted quickly to provide the latest in touchless technology to our new and existing customers. All this technology is designed to the exacting standards you’d expect from SCS, whilst also being in line with the latest in WHO, NHS, and HSE guidelines.

By all working together, we can improve workplace hygiene and stop the spread of infection amongst each other in your businesses premises.

However, in this latest blog from SCS, we’re going to focus on how a number of our non-touch solutions could benefit a hospital or clinic and allow both employees and visitors to effectively social distance in a COVID-19 world.

Hand Sanitiser Kiosk Display

We recognise that most hospitals, both NHS and private, will already have existing hand sanitizers entrances as well as in prime locations throughout the hospital.

However many may still have sanitizers that are touch dispensers. The beauty of our non-touch hand sanitiser kiosk displays is that they are exactly that – non-touch!

With a volume size of 5000ml, our auto dispenser is available in both a free-standing and wall-mounted models and is also aided by a management app that gives pump usage reports.
This product would also be ideal for any clinic in the health, dental or beauty sector.

Social Distancing Management

For many businesses and not just those in the healthcare sector, it can be a difficult task to keep track of the number of visitors you have coming in and out of your business, restaurant or clinic.

It can be even harder to maintain the guidelines surrounding social distancing to if visitors become too many…

This is where SCS Technologies can step in and help! Using your existing digital signage, we can provide real-time updates on all those who enter or exit your premises.

Got a limit on the number of people at any one time? Not to worry as our high-tech systems can display a full capacity warning should you hit it, providing extra vigilance both for staff and visitors alike.

Thermometer Camera Display

As people are becoming more aware when it comes to making contact with public objects, contactless technology is becoming more and more sought after. That’s where we come in!

Our Thermometers work by using facial recognition allowing users to have their temperature checked by simply standing within three feet of the display.

Should there be any reason for concern as a staff or visitor’s body heat temperature is checked, an alarm will sound to alert a potential COVID case.

For more on any of our COVID-19 solutions and contactless range, please call 0800 3777 485 or email