LED displays have long been a staple of the advertising industry. Big, bright and bold, potential passers-by can’t help but stop to take a look at that latest product…

Whatever product you need to be seen, here at SCS Technologies we can help you do just that with our LED screens, providing you with a display that will impress you and your customers!

In our latest blog, we will give you a rundown of some of the many benefits of LED display advertisements and together with our specialist Content Creation and Management team, SCS can provide the advertisement solution that your business needs.


High-Resolution Digital Display –

 Say goodbye to pixelation and hello to high-resolution!

 Our LED display technology uses a variety of light-emitting diodes to deliver a crisp and clear picture, free from any blur or loss of quality.

This means that your LED display can be used in any environment at any time of day!


If you can think it, we can display it! –

 Square, rectangular, circular – these shapes are all well and good, but why not live a little and think outside the box?

At SCS Technologies, your vision can become reality with our fully customisable LED display screens that can be moulded into a multitude of designs, shapes and sizes.


Feeling interactive? –

 If a static image just isn’t giving your product the punch it deserves, why not opt for an LED video wall instead?

Tailor-made to your custom requirements, a LED video wall from SCS Technologies can be displayed at a variety of pitches.

Pitches are the distance between individual pixels and the LED video wall – this distance then corresponds to the correct viewing distance in metres. For example, a P3 screen equates to viewing distances of 3m plus – technology and quick maths in one blog!


Indoor and Outdoor Capabilities –

Don’t let the great British weather put you off from advertising outdoors!

Whether your ad is for indoor or outdoor viewing, our LED displays can provide high-resolution imagery in both settings without any impact on quality.

This is done by finding the correct brightness level during the build stage of your LED display – like Goldilocks, we will not be satisfied until we have found the one that is just right!

And if you are looking for an indoor LED, we have just the job for your meeting room, boardroom, and even your reception area

LED is now the screen to have for your technological smart home, with the impressive Samsung The Wall, which is available in 4K and 8k resolution


Break free from what you think is possible. With modular LED panels, The Wall lets you decide the size and shape of your screen, meaning you can personalise it to fit any environment.

For more on our LED display signage and video walls, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team on 0800 3777 485 or email your query to sales@scstechnologies.co.uk