Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we at SCS Technologies would never have imagined that we would be needing to use our expertise to keep you and your customer’s safe with social-distancing measures

However, we have adapted and used technology to manage this, we used our knowledge and expertise to provide social-distancing management tools that provide live capacity data.

In collaboration with leading technology partners, SCS can help you and your customers maintain social distancing guidelines by tracking the number of people that entering and exiting your business, store or premises.

We’ve tried to make social-distancing guidelines as easy to follow as possible. That’s why our digital signage displays real-time capacity data at destinations of your choosing around your business premises.

To help, we have come up with the following steps:

Add Your Camera Locations

Choose your camera locations wisely, these must be entrances/exits that the public use

Set the Capacity Limits for each Location

Once you have chosen your camera locations, it is now time to input your capacity limits

Always make sure to check the social distancing guidelines for your area and business type before deciding on a capacity limit.

The size of your premises is also a key factor in determining a capacity limit too, so be sure to brush up on your company requirements before determining that key number

Customise your Dashboards

Our social distance management technology allows you to customise your digital signage dashboards with your company branding.

Key data such as maximum capacity, time and date, the colour of the screen when limit reached can all be included as well as a host of other customisable options.

Apply real-time people-counting dashboards to your digital signage

Here is the key part of our social management technology – the ability to apply real-time people-counting data to your digital signage dashboards.

This can help you control the number of people entering and exiting your premises. Once you hit full capacity, our technology will notify you and provide a ‘No Entry’ sign on your digital dashboard.

If you are looking to learn more about the SCS Technologies COVID-19 solutions then click here. Alternately give us a call on 0800 3777 485, fill out a contact form here or email us at today.