There may well be a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to COVID-19, but that doesn’t that your business can’t still play its part in stopping the spread of viruses, past and present.

At SCS Technologies, we can still help provide covid solutions for your business. We do this by providing effective digital signage installation that meets your safety obligations by your customers and staff alike.

Getting into good hygiene habits has always been an essential part of daily life, both as an individual and a business. COVID-19 has just emphasised how important this is.

In our latest SCS blog, we’ll discuss our full range of non-touch covid solutions and digital signage installation options available to your business.

Digital Signage Installation – Display Announcements

Did you know that digital display announcements are 63% more attention-grabbing than static signs?

So not only are they a fantastic covid solution, but they also can make a tremendous impact on your business!

Display announcements are non-touch to keep staff and customers safe and minimise the spread of viruses.

By using Digital Display Announcements from SCS, you can:

  • Display, schedule and upload branded content instantly;
  • Social media integration and cloud management;
  • Opportunity to communicate to your staff and customers;
  • Revenue uplift from third party advertisements.

Covid Solutions – Hand Sanitiser Kiosk Display

Hand sanitiser is a quick and effective way to clean your customers’ and staff’s hands. Killing any harmful bacteria, they may have picked up from door handles, stair rails etc.

By using a non-touch auto dispenser, contact is minimised, and safety is maximised! The volume of our dispensers is 5000ml, with our smart displays also giving usage reports, so you can refill when necessary.

Ideal for hotels, gyms, supermarkets, retail, public spaces, offices & meeting rooms, restrooms and the hospitality sector, we recommend these four steps to safety for your free-standing or wall-mounted hand sanitiser kiosk display:

  1. Install your sanitiser in a prime location;
  2. Fill the sanitiser capacity;
  3. Make sure to monitor via your display management app;
  4. Keep your customers and staff safe!

Digital Signage Installation – Social Distancing Management

Social distancing has been proven to be a simple and effective way of minimising the spread of viruses, including COVID-19.

By utilising social distancing management from SCS Technologies, you can manage in-store capacity with real-time capacity data.

Follow our four steps to safety:

  1. Add key camera locations;
  2. Set capacity limits for these locations;
  3. Customise dashboards;
  4. Apply real-time data to traditional people counting.

Covid Solutions – Thermometer Camera Display

As people become increasingly conscious and hesitant to touch public surfaces, contactless interaction is among the top priorities for customers today.

Triggered by facial recognition, a Thermometer Camera Display can offer an accurate temperature read to both customers and staff in an instant.

With smart features like live facial recognition, body temperature with alarm for high readings and data management, a thermometer camera display is a must for businesses in the hospitality sector.

Covid Solutions – Touchless Menus

If you’ve visited a restaurant or bar since 2020, you’ve probably ordered your food and drink via a touchless menu using a QR code.

A touchless menu solution from SCS Technologies eliminates the risk of touching and sharing menus by inviting customers to scan a QR code and view the menu on their phones.

No installed app or internet connection is required. The display is optional, making this a stress-free and straightforward solution for customers and staff alike.


Learn more about our range of covid solutions and digital signage installations by calling 0800 3777 485 or using our enquiry form online here.