It can be a tough industry to compete in, but hotels are slowly adapting to new and exciting ways to attract guests from near and afar.

With hotels, all battling for customers, having the latest technology can stand you ahead of the crowd, which in turn can secure more bookings.

In this modern age, it’s never been more important to have the latest gadgets and gizmos on offer, so that’s why we’re going to give you the lowdown on how to get Amazon Prime for hotels.


What is Amazon Prime?

Ok, so before we get into the intricate details, some of you may be wondering just what Amazon Prime is and how it could benefit your hotel.

It’s effectively a VIP membership for online retailers Amazon, with free next day delivery and access to offers, it also comes with Prime Video, which is what we really should be interested in.

Think Netflix without the same old movies and comedies, with the latest films, documentaries and series now opting for Prime over other streaming services, Amazon is top of the pile.

Prime TV has recently announced that they will be showing live Premier League football matches too in December 2019, so having the ability to watch these in the hotel rooms could be a huge selling point.


How guests can safely and securely connect to Amazon Prime Video

Currently, there are two ways to watch streaming content on the in-room TV. The first is via popular streaming apps loaded onto the Smart Hotel TV and the second is via the guest’s personal device and a Chromecast fitted to any TV with a HDMI source.

Whether you’ve heard of it or not, Nevaya Cast can be an excellent tool to have hooked up to your room TVs, it’s an intuitive media-streaming service which is aimed at the hospitality industry, helping improve guest satisfaction in the process.

Unlike Google Chromecast alone, Nevaya Cast is safer, secure and provides complete reassurance to both the hotel and the guests.

All the guests need to do is join the hotel’s guest Wi-Fi, in-room they pair their device to the Chromecast via a convenient QR code (most devices now have a QR reader built into their cameras), they open their favourite application, choose their content and hit the Cast button

Nevaya Cast is most convenient for guests as they do not need to sign into their favourite app and provide their subscription details. The guest journey with Nevaya Cast is quick and simple.

Amazon Prime Video will instantly start playing on the big screen, allowing guests to catch up on any TV they’ve missed or any of the latest shows, dramas or films, and you can still use your mobile device for email, or web browsing.

You can read more about Nevaya Cast here.


How SCS can help?

SCS has almost 30 years of experience in the industry and are considered one of the UK’s leading installation and maintenance companies.

We install and maintain some of the largest hotel’s brands out there with the latest products, including Nevaya Cast, and have great faith in the products we sell.

Our team of experts, both involved in sales and installations, will be sure to provide a first-class service, leaving you… and your guests satisfied.

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