Disney Plus (or Disney + as it is also known) is the latest streaming service on the block, and it’s already proving a massive hit with adults and family alike.

Whether you have it already or are planning to get it soon, this blog will give you a little bit more info on Disney Plus, as well as whether you can watch it on Chromecast, the popular streaming media adaptor from Google.

What is Disney Plus?

Disney has taken on the streaming big dogs of Amazon and Netflix in a bid to capture the lucrative market that has taken over our homes.

Fans are flocking to sign up to the service, which includes a full back catalogue of Disney classics, including Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and many more.

So not only do you have the children’s hits that will keep them occupied for hours, but there’s also content that mum and dad will enjoy as well. Or if you want to unleash your inner kid then don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone!

What is Chromecast?

Chromecast is Google’s flagship media adapter that lets users stream online content from their phone to the television.

With NevayaCast this allows you to stream your content to your in-room Chromecast device, knowing that you will safely and securely connect to the TV in your bedroom!

The big question… can you watch Disney + on Chromecast?

Great news, yes you can! Disney Plus supports Chromecast, providing you have an Android phone or tablet, opening up a world of viewing opportunities.

That film the children were watching in the car? There’s no need to spend ages in the car for it to finish, you can now connect in your bedroom with a Nevayacast system.

If you work in the hospitality sector, then hotels can also take advantage of the great prices we have on Nevaya Cast, which allows guests the opportunity to stream their content in a simple device to TV setup. You can find out more about Nevaya and the content casting we offer here.

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