At SCS Technologies, we are striving to help as many businesses become COVID-secure and not only survive but thrive during the pandemic, and this is no different for the hospitality sector.

Hotels play a crucial role in many of our lives, both for business and leisure. Although the virus has disrupted this, hotels have remained open, and many have taken advantage of COVID-19 solutions to comply with government guidelines.

Our latest blog outlines how we can support hotels during the pandemic by equipping them with practical, digital solutions. This ensures that both customers and staff alike can adjust to the ‘new-normal’ of co-working in a socially-distanced society.


Our Non-Touch Solutions –

At SCS Technologies, we have a whole host of non-touch solutions that can help your hotel, staff and customers adhere to the latest government and WHO guidelines. These include:

  • Digital Display Screenslet your customers know all they need to know about their stay at your hotel, without the need for paper/laminated printouts.
  • Hand Sanitiser Kiosk Display – encourage your customers and staff to regular keep their hand hygiene in check; this is one of the safest and most effective ways of combating the spread of COVID-19, as well as communicating safety messages during their stay.
  • Social Distancing Managementkeep your hotel safe with our social distancing management. This technology keeps data on occupancy levels in a certain area, like a restaurant or waiting area, and whether you are close to capacity, thus meaning that you cannot practice social distancing safely.
  • Thermometer Camera Display – Perform best practice by checking customers temperatures without the need for touch. Our Thermometer Camera Displays provide accurate temperature readings of an individual, keeping all safe and secure in the process.


SCS’s solutions to adhere to Government regulations/advice –

  • Regular and thorough handwashing = We provide easily accessible, hand sanitising stations that are available to use for all.
  • Hand sanitising stations in designated locations = SCS’s free-standing kiosks are easy to move to the location of your choosing and also come in a wall-mounted option.
  • Refill your sanitiser dispenser unit regularly = Our technology can provide pump management reports, so you know exactly when to refill your sanitising station.
  • Provide the latest information from trusted sources, such as your local health authority = Make use of our digital signage solutions to communicate any updates to keep your staff and customers safe.

We have done this because it’s our responsibility to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and together, stay safe, and save lives!

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