If you are in the process of redeveloping or building a new development, wind turbine or large structure, and it is over four storeys, then you will more than likely need to have a TV Reception surveys for planning.

At SCS Technologies, we can provide this support for your planning application. This service can be categorised into three areas; a Desktop TV Reception Survey, a pre-construction TV Reception survey and a post-construction TV Reception survey.

In this latest SCS Technologies blog, we’ll break down each of our TV Reception Survey services, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs as a business.

Let’s start with a Desktop TV Reception Survey…!

TV Reception Surveys for planning – Desktop TV

The purpose of a Desktop TV Reception survey is to provide a detailed study of how and where your proposed building or structure may impact TV or satellite signals.

At SCS Technologies, we can predict this and any effects on the surrounding TV reception signal. By utilising technology that produces detailed maps, we can foresee any potential problem areas and available broadcast services. We can also give expert technical advice on ways to mitigate any potential issues.

Pre-construction – 

A pre-construction survey is vitally important for your TV Reception Survey for planning.

When you use SCS Technologies, we will arrive fully-equipped, fully insured, technically competent and including our own branded specialist SCS survey vehicle complete with a 10m telescopic mast, GPS, and spectrum analyser.

A site survey is described as a measurement of existing TV signals.

Findings from a pre-construction TV Reception survey include:

  • Current signal levels, each taken from a variety of test points.
  • Detailed documents including predicted affected areas onto a precise location map.
  • Photos of local conditions and techniques for increased reception


On occasions where a Pre-construction survey was conducted, a TV reception survey will need to be undertaken after a building or structure has been completed.

This survey is conducted in the exact same manner as a pre-construction survey using the same techniques and strategies. So no need to panic that you’ve missed out during the pre-construction stage!


To learn more about this service and the many others we can provide at SCS Technologies, please call 0800 3777 485, email sales@scstechnologies.co.uk or use our enquiry form here.