SCS Technologies introduces a new line of stylish, slim-line freestanding and wall mountable hand sanitising kiosk displays. Equipped with an internal auto-dispenser that supports gel, foam or liquid sanitiser, the kiosks feature a sturdy metal casing with an integrated commercial grade 15.1” and 21.5” display that is managed using cloud-based digital signage software.

New Hand Sanitising Kiosk Displays

A Health-Conscious Communications Tool

Society has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic and new measures are being taken to enable us to carry out our normal life and co-working as safely as possible.

Protecting your staff and customers is the responsibility of every employer. By installing the advanced Hand Sanitiser Kiosk Displays that dispense 99.99% germ-killing sanitiser gel, employers can play their important part in stopping the spread of infection and improving hygiene.

This range of hand sanitising kiosk displays are the perfect solution for high-traffic public locations such as hotels, gymnasiums, supermarkets, retail settings, public spaces, offices, meeting room, restrooms, bar, restaurants and points of sale.

Installed hand sanitiser kiosk displays are likely to be the norm going forward in all public places, keeping the public safe. The ability to help stop the spread of infection and improving hygiene to being able to reach your customers with captive targeted messages and advertising whilst sanitising, giving employers an all-in-one solution for getting their messages seen.

Key Benefits:

  • Supporting your employees and customers health and well-being in-line with HSE, WHO and NHS directives.
  • Publish your own Advertising and Brand Content.
  • Revenue up-lift from third party advertisements.

Key Features:

  • 2 x sizes 15.6” and 21.5” for indoor use, Wall-Mounted and Free-Standing options with 5000Nit Full HD Screens, perfect for important public health messaging (COVID-19) or information videos, advertising content and social media integration.
  • Cloud Digital Signage, display, schedule and upload media content instantly, including the latest HSE, WHO and NHS England social media content.
  • Dispenser management – will send automatic notifications to notify you when your dispenser is running low or requires a refill of sanitiser solution. View/extract dispenser reports usage reports to better inform future decision making and provide insight into the effective positioning across your business.
  • Re-chargeable battery option to support moveable displays or displays with no power source – 18-hour operational battery life, with a 5-hour recharge.
  • Built-in 5ltr auto-dispensing hand sanitiser with IR sensor, and LED light indicator for liquid status – provides 9000+ dispenses – clean, safe and completely touch-free to avoid cross-infection.
  • Capacity Management Technology – Protect your customers and manage capacity by tracking the number of people entering and exiting your premises with real-time data on your displays to maintain social distancing rules.

New Hand Sanitising Kiosk displays - SCS Technologies

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