Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is characterised by severe environments that often overwhelm traditional analogue TV and video distribution systems, which are fragile, limited in capacity, and subject to electrical interference

This is especially true in marine facilities, including supply vessels, crew accommodations, and drilling platforms, where space and structural integrity are at a premium and running cables is expensive and difficult. An IPTV solution eliminates the need for separate analogue cabling by leveraging the more robust performance of an IP network (LAN) to deliver high-quality TV and video throughout a facility or vessel. You can distribute any number of TV and video channels to users while maintaining the highest quality, virtually immune to interference.

  • Provide information, news, entertainment and foreign language TV and radio to crew accommodations.
  • Create an archive of training and safety videos for on-demand viewing.
  • Deliver video-on-demand entertainment for crew.
  • Provide announcements and emergency information via digital signage.

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