The summer sun is beating down at the moment. As the British public already knows, we’ve got to take advantage of those glorious rays while we can!

What better way to entice your customer base for an afternoon spent in the sun than with an outdoor LED screen!

At SCS Technologies, we’ve installed countless outdoor LED screens throughout the country in many sectors, including education, commercial and hospitality settings.

In our latest blog, we’ll discuss how we install these LED screens, what their uses are and why for all things technology, there’s no one better to choose than SCS Technologies!

What is a LED Screen?

As digital signage goes, outdoor LED screens’ popularity has risen through the roof in recent years.

LED screens give customers a level of creative freedom that they have, no doubt, never experienced before!

This type of digital signage allows your message, video, and marketing strategy to stand out from the crowd, regardless of size, shape or resolution.

For even more interactivity and dwell time, you could consider a LED video wall?

Visit our dedicated video wall page here!

The benefits of a outdoor LED screen

Outdoor LED screens provide our customers with flexibility and a different calibre of design aesthetics to enable them to showcase all the best features of their business in a bright, bold and unique way.

There are countless benefits to going down the LED route for your content creation.

Here are just a few:

  • Deliver high-quality images/video, ready for multi-use environments using technology known as pixels.
  • Custom capabilities give you complete creative freedom in whatever size screen your heart desires!
  • Full, seamless, edge-to-edge display; the devil is in the detail, and your customers will see every subtle element!
  • Fully customisable ‘pitch’, as per customer needs. Pitch size is the required viewing distance of your LED screen installation. An example of pitch size would be: A P3 screen would be suitable for viewing distances from 3 metres upwards.
  • Installation can incorporate various brightness levels; perfect for outdoor LED screens!
  • Consistent HD image quality and vibrant colours that stand out as far as the eye can see! This is driven by stability in brightness and contrast and a central control system.

How do I get in touch with SCS Technologies for this service?

We’re happy to hear you’re ready to choose SCS Technologies for your outdoor LED screens’ needs.

There are many ways in which you can get in touch with us:

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