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Public Signage Displays Multi Touch Series

Take audience participation to a whole new level with latest multi-user touch technologies

With your own touch applications, the sky’s the limit!

Deliver vital information or marketing messages to your audience in startling clarity with these displays. And thanks to the interactive touchscreen, you can also engage your customer much closer than ever before.

A brand new level of client interaction is now possible thanks to the integrated optical touchscreen. The sensors on the edge of the screen give you perfect clarity whilst at the same time offering dual touch (multi-touch with Windows 7), opening up all kinds of possibilities for new, interactive applications.

Optimised for public viewing

  • Full HD LCD display, 1920x1080p;
  • Enhanced zoom feature supports tiled matrix applications.
  • Operational flexibility
  • Optical Multi-touch screen for additional user interaction;
  • Monitor is network controllable for remote management;
  • Smart insert in the back cover to place a small PC.

Lower total cost of ownership

  • SmartPower for energy saving;
  • Advanced anti image sticking function;
  • 3 year service & warranty.

Sustainable and safe

  • Complies with RoHS standards to care for the environment;
  • Temperature sensor measures the health condition.

Further Information

Available Sizes: 32”, 42”, 55”, 65” – Click for PDF download

2 Touch Points




6 Touch Points




6 Touch Points (Smart Insert)





32 Touch Points



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