Customise and Personalise the Line-up

A SMATV Digital System allows you to deliver multiple TV channels including satellite broadcast signals to multiple viewing points, a Satellite Antenna and TV antenna receive the broadcast signals, these signals are then fed through to a number of decoders housed in a rack at the head-end where they are combined into a programming format of your choice and distributed via a single cable signal over the network.

This type of installation is typically suited to Hotels, Hospitals, Prisons, or Office Blocks, You are able to customize and personalise the channel line-up, allowing you to distribute SKY channels, foreign channels or Thematic channels like Sport or Documentaries for multilingual audiences.

The flexibility of the system allows you to integrate an in house information channel that you could personalise and update centrally and be received in all the viewing locations.

All systems by SCS are installed in accordance with Confederation of Aerial Industries (CAI) standards, SCS being one of a select few companies to be an Approved Systems Installer gained by our engineers undergoing the CAI SMATV and IRS training course.

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