Technology is ever-changing, none more so than in business, and SCS Technologies are only too aware of the rapid shifts in power from the game’s biggest players.

Sky Select allows hoteliers to receive HD channels in every bedroom so they can enjoy their favourite channel or sporting event with the quality of the picture they have at home.


A bigger room service spend per customer

It’s a no brainer really, if your hotel is in a position to offer Sky Select then the customers are likely to make more use of the room they have paid for.

Whether this involves ditching the cinema trip in aid of a Sky Action classic, or even tuning into the latest Premier League match up, it means staying in the room rather than heading the bar or into town.

This increases the likelihood of a bigger spend on room service, be it food, drinks or snacks.

They’re also likely to leave a better review for the room if they’ve spent the majority of their time there.


It puts you ahead of the crowd

The hotel game is a tough business, so if you have anything to set you apart from the rest, then you may be able to get the booking instead.

In such a competitive industry, having Sky Select could be just the ticket that gets you that extra bit of business.

With rooms so similar in price these days, thanks to the introduction of comparison websites, having slightly better amenities can be all it needs.


How does it work?

Sky Select provides users with a choice of 100s of SKY channels, as well as the usual Freeview offerings, all on the same channel listing along with an up to date Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

An extra benefit to the hotel comes in the space saved, with the Sky Select product being a single-box solution, there’ no longer racks and racks of equipment, or in-room devices gathering dust, instead, guests would merely need to switch on the TV and watch their favourite channel or program.

If you’re interested in getting Sky Select for your property or have any more questions, then get in touch with one of our friendly team on 0800 3777 485 or via email on