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Samsung Hospitality TV Systems

The Samsung Hotel TV Hospitality TV System is a comprehensive suite of high-tech television entertainment solutions designed specifically for the hospitality industry. 

This system provides hotels instant access to various digital multimedia content, allowing them to offer their guests an interactive and engaging viewing experience. 

The system includes access to over-the-air broadcast channels, satellite programming, and streaming media from popular services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and more. 

Samsung Hotel TV Hospitality TV Systems includes advanced features such as parental controls that allow administrators to restrict access to specific channels or content based on age or other criteria. 

It offers support for multiple languages, subtitles, closed captioning options and more. 

Furthermore, the hospitality TV system comes with various connectivity options, such as HDMI connections and mobile device syncing capabilities that make it easy for guests to enjoy multimedia content on their own devices via casting solutions while at the hotel. 

No longer are guests satisfied with their rooms’ cumbersome TVs. Guests now expect high-quality, full-high-definition (FHD) TVs that are on par with what they have at home; they expect that home from home experience.

Overall, the Samsung Hotel TV Hospitality TV System is a powerful solution designed specifically for use within the hospitality industry. It offers a wide range of features allowing hotels to provide an optimal viewing experience for their guests.


An LG Hotel TV Hospitality TV System is a complete television solution specifically designed for the hotel, hospitality, and leisure industries. 

It provides all-encompassing audio/visual solutions for hotels and is designed to enhance the guest experience.

Create custom welcome screens or even host your hotel directory with  LG Pro: Centric. Pro: Centric technology offers easy tools for partners to create interactive applications with increased visual appeal. 

These features enable the delivery of a wide range of unique experiences tailored to hotel management and guests’ needs.


A Philips Hotel TV is a state-of-the-art television explicitly designed for hotel rooms. 

Thanks to its advanced features, low energy usage and modern technology, it provides guests with the ultimate viewing experience.

With breakthrough innovations such as guest information using Philips CMND, remote display management, Android OS integration and Ambilux, Philips Hotel TVs are perfect for providing the highest quality visuals and entertainment during a stay.

The media suite TVs have built-in apps like Netflix and Google Chromecast, plus many more features.

The Android OS integration helps with faster loading times and smoother transitions between applications or functions. 

No matter how extended your stay, you can always guarantee an entertaining and enjoyable viewing experience with a Philips Hotel TV in your room.

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